September 4th, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We’d like to welcome all the pupils back after the summer holidays.  We hope that everyone had a great time, full of many happy memories.  We’d like to wish all the pupils every success and happiness in the new school year of 2018/2019, that it will be a time of fun, friendship and knowledge.  We thank the Parents/Guardians for all the help and support that they give their children and teachers of Gusserane NS. 


Road Safety/Car Parking:  We would ask all parents/guardians to be very mindful of all children as they drop off/pick up in the mornings and afternoons. Please do not park directly in from of the school gate.  Please be careful when reversing in case there are pupils behind you.  Try if possible not to park across the road.  If you must please accompany your child to and from the gate across the road.  If you get delayed in the evening, please contact the school as early as possible so that your child and teacher can be informed.


School Opening/Closing Times:  School opens at 9.20am for all children.  Please do not drop off children prior to 9.20am as they will not be supervised.  Junior infants will be finished at 12.30pm from the first two weeks up until Friday the 14th of September, then they will finish at 2.00pm like the Senior Infants.  All other children finish school at 3.00pm


Friendship Week:  Will take place in Gusserane NS from Monday the 17th of September to Friday the 20th of September.  It will be a week of fun activities highlighting the importance of friends and friendships in Gusserane NS.


Secondary School:  We wish all our former sixth class pupils every success as they start their journey through Secondary School and we would also like to wish the best of luck to our former pupils who will be receiving their Junior Cert results next week.


Leaving Certificate:  We would like to congratulate all our past pupils on their wonderful Leaving Certificate results and wish them every success in their future studies and careers.  Exciting times lie ahead for them all.  Well Done!


Insurance:  Please find attached the form to be filled in for Student Insurance.   There are two choices, School Activities costing €4.80 per pupil per year or 24-hour costing €7.20 per pupil per year.  This is an optional insurance, but we highly recommend the 24hr cover.  If you wish to take part in this insurance, please fill in this form (all names can be put on one form) and return it to the school with the appropriate monies by Friday September 22nd (all cheques should be made payable to Gusserane National School).  Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Sandra in the office.


Money:  We would like to remind people about money for Book loan, Photocopying, Arts/Crafts and text-a-parent.  The cost of the Photocopying, Arts/Crafts and text-a-parent is €30 per child or €40 per family.  The cost of the book loan scheme is, €8 for 1st class, €10 for 2nd class, €20 for 3rd class, €20 for 4th class, €21 for 5th class and €21 for 6th class, the break down for these costs is on the booklist you received at the end of June.


Again, I would like to wish pupils, parents/guardians and staff the very best wishes for 2018/2019.


Let’s have a great year!

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